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scaba Band of the Year 2018

Posted on Sunday 30 September 2018

This weekend saw Godalming Band achieve a fantastic result, coming away with 1st Place, “Band of the Year”, and a clutch of prizes in the new morning competition at the scaba Autumn Contest, against an enlarged field of bands across four sections.

A win at the scaba Spring Contest earlier this year had put Godalming into contention for the prestigious title of “Band of the Year” going into the weekend. The second win sealed the 2018 title for Godalming, and Musical Director James Haigh was delighted to collect the trophy for the band.

“Winning scaba ‘Band of the Year’ for 2018 is a great follow up to our 80th Anniversary last year and shows how consistent the band has become. The commitment and talent of this local group of musicians is fantastic. I couldn’t be happier.” - James Haigh, Musical Director

The band’s chairman, Raymond Pont, added that this was “a truly proud and historic moment in the band’s history” and that it was “a reward for all of the hard work put in throughout the year” by the band and James Haigh.

Godalming chose to play Paul Lovatt-Cooper’s Vitae Aeternum (“Eternal Life”), a piece of three parts with a lively and exciting beginning, a tranquil and lyrical middle section featuring a cornet chorale and beautiful flugelhorn solo, then finishing with an energetic buildup. This performance won the band first place in the morning “B” section, prizes for conductor James Haigh, baritone player Sam Honeysett, plus three more prizes for the trombone, bass, and percussion sections.

Godalming Band shines in its new uniforms

Posted on Saturday 16 December 2017

At our annual Christmas concert on Saturday, Godalming Band came on stage for the very first time in their brand new set of jackets and ties, showing off the impressive new black and blue designs.

The band has been celebrating our 80th anniversary with two new concerts held in the spring and autumn, plus a spectacular evening with the Lewes Borough Bonfire Society all to raise money for the uniform replacement project.

In addition, we were grateful to receive a grant from Godalming Town Council, and contributions from Councillors Peter Martin and Penny Rivers, local councillors at Surrey County Council. With these contributions arriving in the past month, the new uniforms were able to be completed in time for the Christmas concert.

After the concert, Dominic Cleal said:

“It was an exciting and proud moment to see the band assemble and walk out in this new set of uniforms, looking very smart and well-fitted. We couldn’t have achieved it without the perseverance of our band members and the support from our supporters and council members in the local community.”

The uniforms used by the band have varied through the years, starting off with double-breasted, brass-buttoned Navy uniforms, and often featuring red piping or lapels throughout the years. The blue uniforms that the band are known for today originated in 1979 and were last refreshed in 1995 to coincide with the opening of the band room at Broadwater Park.

The new uniforms include a smart black concert jacket with blue lapels and gold embroidering, and a brand new tie with the Godalming Band crest featured in the centre of a blue and gold diagonal stripe. The uniform for the band’s prize-winning percussion section adds a new black waistcoat.

Godalming Band and Youth Band’s Christmas concert was a packed evening featuring over twenty pieces and many renditions of traditional carols in both works for the band and for the audience to sing along to. It comes towards the end of the carol season for the bands, as both the youth and senior bands have been out playing carols in villages, and visiting retirement homes and day centres around Godalming, Cranleigh and Guildford.

Christmas 2017 engagements

Posted on Tuesday 24 October 2017

Our engagements list has been updated for a busy Autumn and Christmas period!

Next for the band is an exciting first, as we travel to Lewes to take part in the world-famous bonfire night celebrations as guests of Lewes Borough Society. From mid-November we’ll be helping to kick off the Christmas season in Cranleigh and Godalming with the town lights, before starting our full season of carolling engagements.

Have a look at our engagements page to see where you can listen to the band this season!

Don’t forget, our Christmas CD “The Festive Season” is available to purchase online from this website (click here) or from the band if you see us about.

February 2017 newsletter

Posted on Sunday 12 February 2017

News from our busy Christmas season, where we launched The Festive Season and a successful joint Christmas concert.

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The Festive Season is now available!

Posted on Monday 21 November 2016

At a special launch concert in Cranleigh, we were delighted to launch our latest recording, The Festive Season to the public with sixteen unique Christmas-themed tracks.

It was only a few months ago when the band recorded the album over a weekend. After weeks of dedicated editing and preparation, the CDs went into print and were delivered in time for our launch concert on Saturday 19th November.

It was a busy evening in Cranleigh as the official switch-on of the village Christmas lights began at 6pm, where the band went out into the square early to entertain with carols and invite visitors along to the launch concert. The concert in the evening featured many of the tracks from the CDs, and concluded with a rousing encore of Kings of Swing.

Click to find out more about The Festive Season, or buy your copy on our dedicated web page.

Follow the link below for some videos from the evening:

The album will be available from Godalming Band all through the Christmas period, see our upcoming engagements to see when.