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Godalming Band

Brass band in Godalming since 1937


Our organisation is funded by member subscriptions, concert tickets, engagement fees and kind donations from members of the public. We hope you’re here because you’ve seen either of our band play around the area and would like to make a donation to help us continue.

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Donations are processed securely through PayPal - no account needed. Card details are not processed or kept by Godalming Band.

What your donation provides

Your donation will help us cover a wide range of costs associated with running two bands, starting with buying instruments (which cost in the thousands of pounds) and paying for their servicing and repair. Our uniforms, music stands, mutes and other accessories quickly run into the hundreds of pounds when buying a full band set.

Our sheet music is purchased (not loaned) and adds up when you consider the number of pieces in a typical concert! Other costs include our building for rehearsals, and its maintenance and upkeep. Plus all the miscellaneous expenses of running a charity, such as insurance, training and membership fees for other organisations that support us and our sector.

Each and every donation helps us continue and we appreciate them all. Thank you very much for your support.

Other donations

We do pay a small fee for the online donation processing, so if you would like to make a larger donation and would like to see it all received by the band, or you would like to talk to us about a bequest or other type of donation, please contact us.