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Today on Broadwater Park

As the area continued to develop it became inevitable that we would need to find a new site as well as a new building. In September 1994 we took possession of our present building - previously stables on Broadwater Park - but there was a lot to be done before we could move in.

Photographs show the conversion work that had to be carried out before we were able to move in, toilets and a kitchen area were added, running hot and cold water and some heating for the winter months. Pure luxury after the delights of the old tin hut!

As the building is used by youngsters for their individual lessons as well as Youth Band rehearsals, we needed to offer a clean and comfortable space, somewhere safe and away from traffic but with ample parking. Our new building met all those needs, so we still continued to attract new youngsters.

The official opening ceremony for the new bandroom took place on 25th March 1995. Band members joined with local personalities, band patrons and supporters to celebrate the band’s new and permanent home. Were it not for the small, but dedicated group of enthusiastic volunteers, this achievement would never have become a reality and we will always owe those concerned a debt of gratitude.

The building served us well for several years, but as legislation changed we realised in 2007, that we needed to make some modifications to bring us up to date and to meet the needs of the community. We started specific fundraising projects and put aside funds to go towards the costs. Toilets facilities needed to be ‘all-encompassing’ and doorways widened for wheelchair access. There were fire regulations, health & safety, disability needs, electrical specifications, new water system, security and insurance miles that. had to be met. This was another major project.

The work is finished; the building now meets all the current requirements and we look forward many more happy years in our home.

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