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Brass band in Godalming since 1937

1990s and 2000s


The 1990s were good years for both Senior and Youth Bands. There were more trips to Mayen in Germany and then, in 1992 we qualified for the London & South East regionals; a major step for us towards the goal of playing in the National Finals Wembley Arena. We didn’t walk off with any prizes, but this was a red letter day for the band, a feat not yet repeated.

Our cassette ‘Flourish’ was recorded in 1992 and the band continued to enjoy contest success in various SCABA contest through the decade. We moved into our new bandroom in 1994, still the envy of many brass bands in the country.

We were involved with Gwillam James’ series of ‘Music by the Lake’ concerts held at Aldro: school. These major fundraising events were very successful open air evening concerts with a massed choir and various soloists. Vast sums of money were raised for national charities as a result. Meanwhile our Youth band developed under the leadership of Nick Weeks, with many players reaching a very high standard of musicianship.

This period involved the creation and premieres of several new works; one such event being our Millennium concert in Charterhouse Chapel, December 1999.


With the dawn of the new millennium Godalming Band has continued to develop and expand its sphere of involvement in the town and neighbouring area.

The first ten years of this new century remained under the continued leadership and guidance of David Wright. Concert programmes were popular and varied; charity fundraising increased and the band’s profile strengthened by their local community work.

The decade included more successful visits to France and Holland, representing the town of Godalming; particularly enjoyable were the trips to twin town, Joigny.

Since 2007, the band’s achievements in SCABA contests have been remarkably good, both at Hove and Addlestone. Winning both technical and entertainment contests is not a rarity!

The future for our youth band bodes well, thanks to David Loftus and his supporters and with senior band numbers, playing strength and enthusiasm at record levels, things continued to look very good.

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