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Godalming Band

Brass band in Godalming since 1937

1937 to 1950

The history of the current band begins in 1937; formation of the band coming about after an appeal from the council. Godalming planned celebrations and parades for the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth and this was to be one of their first engagements.

So in the late 1930’s the Godalming & Borough Band, under Walter Radlett’s leadership, became an established part of town life.

During the years of WW2, about half of the bandsmen were called up for active service. Sadly one young tenor horn player was lost at sea on HMS Berwick.

Following the death of Walter Radlett around 1941, Jack Thomas led the band during this difficult period, when at one stage the band strength was reduced to six players. However with young members and those too old to serve in the armed forces, Jack continued to maintain the band.

Following the end of the war in the second half of the 1940’s, the band gained in strength and was involved in many celebratory parades, fetes and concerts. In 1946 the band under- took its first trip ‘abroad’ to the Isle of Wight. Later that year the British Legion wanted to take over the band, but the members voted to stay as an independent organisation, a status that continues to this day.

Later during this period the band became known as the Godalming and District Silver Band.

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